Seriously good content on creating and using data services

There is a number of folks that have been writing about Astoria. Collectively they built a lot of reference material that is probably the best reference point for getting started and learning about practical aspects around creating and using data services with the Astoria framework.

Jonathan Carter is writing an impressive multi-part series that's covering pretty much every usage perspective on Astoria.

Guy Burstein is also working on a multi-part series that starts here.

Mike Taulty is going for the low-level details and analyzing Astoria clients and servers in and out.

Christian Weyer, who knows way, way more stuff about WCF than I do, is using that to pull out great tricks such as how to host Astoria in stand-alone processes and more.

There is much more out there, just highlighting a few. So if you were looking for some reading material for the holidays, there is plenty out there :)