Pakistan's First Official Docker Meetup under Global Mentor Week 2016


One of our very young community members, Janshair Khan recently initiated the discussion with Docker community to host Docker meetup in Pakistan under Global Mentor Week 2006. Janshair received very welcoming response from Docker team and soon I had the privilege of being co-organizer of Docker Lahore community and facilitated the guys in finding a suitable venue and aligning speakers from our MVP community.

Today I’m excited to announce that Docker Lahore & MVP TechTalk Community are joining hands to land Pakistan’s 1st official Docker Meetup in Lahore on 18th Nov, 2016 from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Though we're yet to announce the venue in the coming weeks but you can go-ahead and join the meetup now! Due to anticipated popularity of the meetup, we'll require registrations and will only call shortlisted individuals on the meetup.


  • Introduction to Docker, History of Docker and Benefits of Docker by Saad Mahmood (MVP).
  • Getting hands on Docker Engine, Docker File, Docker Images, Docker Container, Volumes and Compose by Janshair Khan
  • A brief introduction to running Dockerize Apps in the cloud for production using Azure Docker on Ubuntu Server, Azure Container Service and Amazon EC2 Container Service by Farrukh Ijaz