Missing datatype in the Fincancial Dimension Wizard

The Fincancial Dimensions Wizard is really helpfull if you need to add new dimensions to the system. It has come to my attention though that it skips an extended datatype which also should be updated. The datatype is DimensionExtCodeId and it is important to update if you use the AIF framework.

You can easily add it to the wizard by adding this line to the run method:

           labelDimension,          strFmt("External code type for converting %1", labelDimension));

And these lines to the versionControlCheckOut method:

 treeNode = treeNodeEDTPath.AOTFindChild("DimensionExtCodeId");

If you use version control you'll find that the EDT DimensionPriority needs to be added to the versionControlCheckOut method too. It is modified in the run method, but not checked out first.

Also you should not create a new dimension with the value 255. This value is used in the Cost Accounting module to indicate that no dimension has been choosen. Future versions of the wizard will block for this value.

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