What is MST?

I have been with Microsoft for a little more than four years now and twice my team has been involved in an investigation to figure out what MST, as in AmountMST, is short for. Now by writing this blog post I hope to save us from a potential third investigation. Actually this time we found the key to the answer in a help text and it will of course be part of future documentation.

The abbreviation doesn't seem to any kind industry standard, but MST is short for "Monetary Standard".

I have a short explanation of MST if you are not at all familiar about with MST in AX. AmountMST refers to the base currency you keep your records of the system in, i.e. "Company currency". So for example when recording an invoice you keep the amounts both in your company currency, i.e. MST (for example DKK), and the invoice currency, for example EUR.