Heading North to TechEd

It's a beautiful sunny day in Auckland today.  I'm up north here for last minute preparations for TechEd New Zealand.  The content is all locked down (my job) and the conference guides are printing now so I'm pretty relaxed.  Sadly the weather forecast for the next couple of days is rain :-(  I hope the rugby on Saturday isn't cancelled.

I had a bad experience flying out of Wellington this morning.  I arrived early for the flight so I tried changing to tthe earlier flight but they directed me to the ticketing counter where one woman was dealing with a long queue.  So I thought, my flight's only 30 minutes later.  Sadly my flight was delayed an extra hour and a half because our plane couldn't take of from Dunedin.  So I ran my cellphone battery flat talking to people on it.  So flat it told me to watch it or I'd lose all my data.