.NET Framework 3.5 - WF and WCF 3 Day Event in Redmond, WA

You are invited to Redmond, WA. Well... let's qualify that - you can apply and may be selected :-)

  1. Are you using WF or WCF v1 today?
  2. Do you product /project timelines that needs to go into production between June and August 2007?
  3. Are you about to embark upon writing a lot of plumbing code to get WF and WCF working together?
  4. Do you have a partial trust scenario (like a WPF XBAP or Click-once application) that you would want to use WCF for?
  5. Do you need to figure out how to enable Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX, JSON, RSS/ATOM, POX or REST?
  6. Do you want to come to Redmond, WA for a three day training event starting April 10th 2007

If you can answer Yes to 1, 2 and 6 and at least one of 3 - 5 then read on.

What Is It?

Three days of content focusing on Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and related technologies in the Visual Studio Codename “Orcas” release. A topic listing is below, and exact session content may change.

Workflow enabled services (WF +WCF)

WF / WCF Performance

Durable Services

Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) & SharePoint hosted workflow

HTTP Programming Model

Mobile Communication in .NET 3.5



WCF AJAX Support

Connected Systems Futures

Workflow Driven User Interface

ADO.NET Entity Framework

How Do I Apply?

Send Email to: lhsddive (at) microsoft.com
In the email, tell us your name, company name and URL. Provide a paragraph describing the project that you answered the above questions for. Also tell us the name of your regular contact person at Microsoft. For accepted applicants there is no fee to attend but you must cover your own costs.