SharePoint Developer MSDN Web Cast Series

We're doing lots of things around introductory SharePoint development for .NET developers over the next few months. Here is the schedule for a series of MSDN web casts on 10 introductory SharePoint development topics for .NET developers. If you are a .NET developer then chances are these are the most interesting ten introductory things you can do on SharePoint Products and Technologies.

Each MSDN Web Cast is an introduction for .NET Developers to SharePoint and the Topic. You need to register for the web cast by clicking the link and entering some details. Then you get emailed a link to sign on and participate in the web cast on its date and time.


Topic and Signup URL


May 20th 9AM PST

Web Parts

Robert Bogue

May 21st 9AM PST

Data Lists

Robert Bogue

May 27th 9AM PST


Andrew Connell

May 28th 9AM PST

Event Handlers

Andrew Connell

June 3rd 9AM PST

Page Branding

Andrew Connell

June 4th 9AM PST


Robert Bogue

June 10th 9AM PST

Web Services

Andrew Connell

June 11th 9AM PST

Page Navigation

Andrew Connell

June 17th 9AM PST

User Management

Robert Bogue

June 18th 9AM PST

Content Types

Robert Bogue

Each MSDN Web Cast is recorded for later viewing which should be through the same registration URL.


Update: Unfortunately registration doesn't seem to be working for these today. You can use this link to see more about the web casts, but it doesn't allow you to register presently. I've escalated this issue.