Southpacific Summer Storm

The WeatherPixie

Very early Monday morning this week we had a huge storm.  Over the hill they had 120 km/h winds at Mt Kau Kau.  Trains were cancelled, trolley busses were cancelled, 60 schools in the area were closed for the day (but not my kids one).  The winds blew over a 2 year old tree in my yard and a piece of trellis blew off a fence and over a 5 metre bank.  It's hanging in branches over the bank, I'll have to retrieve it and repair in the weekend.

It was errie yesterday driving into work, very much like the “Silent Earth“, the only road to Lower Hutt (State Highway 2) was closed and there were hardly any cards on the road.  The road was covered in leaves, grass and bits of trees that had been blown there.  There were police cars parked with lights flashing at the entrance to State Highway 2 stopping people entering.  Most people in Lower Hutt had to stay home.  Strangely the airport was open and we had a guy visit our office for meetings with various people, almost all of them had not been able to get to work because of the road closures.

On the positive side, the storm proved that I've successfully fixed the old leak in my roof.  No water came through.