Try out .NET Framework 3.0 Technologies (now including WCF) without Installing Them

To join the Windows Workflow Foundation MSDN Virtual Lab that was released Thursday here is a WCF lab on the same scenario. If you have heard and maybe read about the new technologies from Microsoft in the .NET Framework 3.0 but you find all the install instructions a bit much you can try them out in a lab environment online for free.

Hosted by MSDN Virtual Labs we have online labs for each of the new technologies that released in .NET Framework 3.0. WCF is the latest to be added and these labs are all running on Windows Vista. So when you connect to them you can try out Visual Studio 2005 on Windows Vista as part of the lab.

Here's the link to all of them, and the description of the WCF lab which was just published.

A Server Scenario Lab with Windows Communication Foundation Virtual Lab

This MSDN Virtual Lab is built on Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 3.0. It provides an overview of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) built on a Fabrikam CRM Scenario. The lab is aimed at .NET Developers who have not used WCF before. It will take you through the following exercises; 1) A walkthrough of the Fabrikam CRM application scenario, 2) Creating a WCF service and client, 3) WCF manageability, 4) Windows Activation Service (WAS) and Security, and 5) Extending WCF services. The scenario also uses Windows Workflow Foundation and a separate MSDN Virtual Labs is provided as an overview to that technology.