Visual Studio tools presentation for WF and WCF

Next week is TechEd in Orlando, Florida and I have two talks. SOA202 on Monday is a talk about choosing between WF and BizTalk for process development. The second one is DEV305 on Wednesday is a demo session showing WF and WCF tools in the new Visual Studio codename "Orcas". If you aren't going to TechEd you can still join me for the demo session as it's being simulcast live on the Internet - no charge. Sign up here. These are the demos I am planning to show in DEV305, I hope they all work :-)

  1. WCF Service Project
  2. WPF Application Client with netTcpBinding
  3. .NET 2.0 Client with BasicHttpBinding
  4. Web WCF Service Hosted in IIS
  5. WCF AJAX Service
  6. REST Addressing with WCF
  7. Syndication WCF Service
  8. Workflow Enabled Services
  9. WF Rules Enhancements
  10. .NET Compact Framework WCF