mapi not installed - using SAP layout designer on Windows 7

Had a customer having problems with running using a product called SAP Business One and Advanced Layout Designer running on windows 7.


However when they go to send mails within the product, they get an error mapi is not installed. After connecting to the customers machine, and running through the steps of sending a mail from withn the product and sure enough we see the Mapi isnt install or in use error. SAP installs it’s own client to send mail but it still uses simple mapi. Unfortunately Windows 7 no longer supports Simple MAPI.


TASBooks uses a system called Simple MAPI to enable you to create an email, attach a document and send the email, all from within the program. Simple MAPI is essentially a way for a program to ask Windows if there is an email program installed - and if there is, to ask it to send an email. Simple MAPI was designed so it could be used with pretty much any email program. Unfortunately Windows 7 no longer supports Simple MAPI, so programs such as TAS can no longer create emails and attach documents. This was the major cause of the mapi not installed.


The SAP community have posted an alternative workaround but please contact their forums for additional information and update on their products.

From a posting on their site….”We did discover that using the mapi dll from windows XP or Vista works on Windows 7 but we don't support this officially, it's just a hack work around for now and we are not sure what the results will be but could be a temporary solution.


WARNING: SAP nor MICROSFT do not take any responsibility for the result of doing the following, users do so at their own risk:


We found one workaround for MAPI32.dll issue on window 7. Please follow the next step to make it work.


1. Log on window 7 with administrator privilege.

2. takeown /f c:\windows\system32\mapi32.dll

3. cacls c:\windows\system32\mapi32.dll /G {yourlogon name}:F

4. ren c:\widnows\system32\mapi32.dll c:\windows\system32\mapi32.dll.ori

5. copy mapi32.dll from window xp or vista to the c:\windows\system32\mapi32.dll


Customer had to upgrade to a newer SAP Layoutdesigner, SAP says rthe above is a known known problem hence it using simple mapi. At the moment there is no update