I Moved into My New Office in Building 35

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am starting in the SQL team this week after the one week vacation.   My friend, Bob, came over on Saturday with his pickup truck and we moved everything from building 42 to building 35.   The Microsoft moving organization always gets confused when I move myself but there's no way a standard moving team can deal with my office.  They did move my phone, though...

SeaFair-08 175 SeaFair-08 178  SeaFair-08 179 SeaFair-08 176 SeaFair-08 177

I am now moved into my new office which (this time) does not have a window... we're supposed to do an office move in a few months and I should get a real window.  In the mean time, I have a substitute window so I can still have a window office.   Also, as evidenced by the hallway outside, my office is definitely considered to be the place where a bunch of asses hang out.

It's great to be relocated into the SQL team!   It was a long (seven hour) Saturday moving stuff!   Thanks for the help, Bob!!

- Pat