My first blog!


My name is Pat Helland and I’ve been around Microsoft for almost 10 years as an architect. I’ve been working on transaction and application execution stuff for 25 years or so and I guess that makes me an old man… at Microsoft, I helped start the Viper team that built MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) which is now called COM+. Later, I got into asynchronous messaging, did a presentation called “Fiefdoms and Emissaries”, helped start the team that built the SQL Service Broker for Yukon, and did a bunch of the early work on reliable messaging that is now in web services and Indigo.

Since the middle of last year, I have been working in the Enterprise Architecture Team. We are working to define and explain our architecture strategy to our biggest customers. A new thing for me is that this has me traveling more than I ever have done in my entire life. January was Beijing and Singapore. February was Lake Tahoe (didn’t see the lake). Right now I’m sitting in a coach seat on a flight from Sydney to San Francisco (coach cuz shit happens…at least the middle seat is open and I won’t be liable for the next passenger’s medical bills on arrival.) It’s really hard to write with the guy in front of me reclining and my girth defect sticking forward… the keyboard is almost vertical as I lean it on my belly to type… I still can’t get the hang of using the tablet for a lot of text input!!!

I’m new to blogging but from the other blogs I’ve read, I think I can do this! I am going to try to type in a lot of my thoughts on a regular basis…