SeaFair in Seattle!

One last personal post and then I'll get to the work stuff.   Last Friday we got off the ship... Saturday was moving the office with Bob... Sunday we went to a SeaFair party!!!  I've lived in Seattle for 14 years and never really paid any attention to SeaFair but it was a blast!

So, SeaFair is a combination hydrofoil racing and airplane exhibition featuring the Blue Angels.  It turns out that some friends John and Wendy have an amazing house overlooking Lake Washington right above the hydrofoil races.  We were invited to a party, the weather was awesome, and we had a blast!   I have to share some photos and our thanks to John and Wendy for including us!!!

All these photos were taken from their lovely deck!

- Pat

SeaFair-08 006 SeaFair-08 009 SeaFair-08 035  SeaFair-08 073 SeaFair-08 117 SeaFair-08 141 SeaFair-08 156 SeaFair-08 163 SeaFair-08 161