Way cool! Four new PEZs!

Some of you may know that I have hundreds of PEZ dispensers in my office and a neon sign that says the PEZ man... My office isn't boring!

Anyway, last night my wife, Michelle, and I were at QFC (a local supermarket) and I found the new Easter PEZ dispensers. We have a new Easter Bunny, an Easter Egg, an Easter Chick, and an Easter Lamb. All for only $1.19 each! Way cool! They are getting added to the PEZ shrine (a very full curio cabinet in my office) this morning.

BTW, I am NOT interested in picking up collectable PEZs from e-bay... that's no fun. Gotta get them new for under $1.50 a pop or it's not entertaining. What is REAL fun is to have a kid come visit my office and watch their eyes light up when they see the PEZ collection.