Central Admin: Batch Site Manager

Hello @all,

after installing Administration Toolkit v3 I found a very nice function inside MOSS Central Administration/Applications tab, it's called Batch Site Manager with "Move, Lock and Delete Site Collections"


In the UI you find the stsadm -o mergecontentdbs functionality but it's not stsadm mergecontentdbs. Additionally you have the same limitation like mergecontentdbs like lock the contentdb before move them.


To move a site collection from Contentdb1 to Contentdb2 you lock them first with a task job.

As next step refresh the page and you will see this:


Now lets move, select the site collection and move them into another Contentdb.

For more Details take a look in to the detail description on Technet: Link


Before moving site collection from one contentdb to another contentdb it's highly recommended to check these steps:

  • before starting the process, make the sql backup of the contentdb and check the restore
  • run Site Manager or stsadm mergecontentdbs ONLY in off peak hours, the execution create an additional load on the SQL and SharePoint server
  • do not use Batch Site Manager with site collections larger then 15 GB. (how to get the size of the site collection? use stsadm -o enumsites)

What's the difference of Batch Site Manager and stsadm MergeContentdbs?

Batch Site Manager stsadm MergeContentdbs
  • runs a Site Collection Backup and Restore
  • the operation will be execution as TimerJob
  • execution process is OWSTimer.exe
  • Move the data from Contentdb1 to Contentdb2 by using the ContentDeployment API.
  • execution process is stsadm.exe

Good luck in reordering your Content.