SharePoint 2007 – DecemberCU available


last week the SharePoint product group publish the December Cumulative Update for December 2009.

For SharePoint (WSS v3 and MOSS2007) we have the ueber packge available:

WSS: 977027 ueber package - The full server package for WSS

MOSS: 977026 ueber package - The full server package for MOSS

The DecCU 2009 has also these Build level:

WSSv3: 12.0000.6524.5000

MOSS 2007: 12.0000.6524.5001

During the last time i was asked a few times about the SharePoint and Office client update strategy to plan maintenance tasks. So it’s a nice time to give a quick overview.

Microsoft release a product like office/sharepoint/… with the Status RTM.

In the following month the service packs will be created like this path:

RTM –> SP1 –> SP2 –> SP3 –> …

In our office client and office server (Sharepoint,Project, …) world we have also a 2 monthly update circle, called as cumulative update (CU). That means the product group create every two month a completely new build level for the whole Office Server (incl. SharePoint, Project, …).

In a normal situation we would see something like this after RTM: (the start point for RTM can be different and is only an example)

RTM –> AprilCU –> JuneCU –> AugustCU –> OctoberCU –> … –> SP1 –> AprilCU –> JuneCU –> … –> SP2 –> … –> SP3 –> …

I hope this will be help you in future to plan your maintenance plan in more deep.