SharePoint PerformanceTester new version published

Hello @all,

in the past I’ve created a little stress test tool to create traffic for SharePoint servers. With SharePoint 2010 I’ve extended performanceTester with some additional features:

  • extend debug information for each request
    • Version of the SharePoint Server
    • display used CacheControl Setting
    • for SP2010: analyze HealthScore
    • for SP2010: receive SPRequestID for further ULS log analyze

In the previous version parameter “–d” was only a debug mode switch for  on/off. Now PerformanceTester version 0.93 has defined debug levels:

0 – off  (default)
1 – level 1 (minimum: Request, HTTP Status, Duration)
2 – level 2 (medium: Request, HTTP Status, HealthScore, Version, Duration)
3 – level 3 (Full debug output: Request, HTTP Status, HealthScore, Version, SPRequestID, cacheControl, Duration)

Debug Level 2:

Debug Level 3 for MOSS2007:

Debug Level 3 for SP2010:

With using PerformanceTester is now possible to create http GET request and you will receive information about used Cache Settings, a HealthStatus of the Server and the PatchLevel of the Server).

You can download PerformanceTester here.

I hope it help.