PnP JSCore 2.0.5 (sp-pnp-js@2.0.5)

This month’s release of sp-pnp-js, 2.0.5, brings some great new functionality as well as fixes for reported issues. Give it a try and as always let us know if you see any issues. Be sure to check out the developer guide and happy coding!

New Features

  • Added support for the webinfos method [PR]
  • Added SearchBuiltInSourceId class [PR]
  • Added support for static utility methods such as sendEmail, resolvePrincipals, and searchPrincipals. [PR] [Docs]
  • Added support for openWebById method on Site [PR] [Docs]
  • Added SearchQueryBuilder allowing you to build queries with a fluent interface [PR] [Docs]
  • Added getPage method on SearchResults class as well as additional types for search [PR] [Docs]

Fixes & Updates

  • Fix for blocking bug in spfx (in 2.0.4 out of band release) [PR]
  • Fix for batch execution order (in 2.0.4 out of band release) [PR]

What happened to 2.0.4?

We did an out of band release, 2.0.4, to publish a fix for a blocking bug related to SPFx. This blog post calls out the two changes that ended up included above - the batch execution order fix was already merged so instead of trying to pull it out we left it in. So that made the next planned release (this one) 2.0.5.


What is the JS Core Component?

The Patterns and Practices JavaScript Core Library was created to help developers by simplifying common operations within SharePoint and the SharePoint Framework. Currently it contains a fluent API for working with the full SharePoint REST API as well as utility and helper functions. This takes the guess work out of creating REST requests, letting developers focus on the what and less on the how.

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