Deploying a virtual machine based on a generalized custom image using the Azure Portal

Hello everyone,

Just to close the discussion started on Creating an Ubuntu Server 16.10 generalized image on Azure and Deploying a new VM based on this image using Azure CLI 2.0, where we deployed an Ubuntu VM from the Azure Marketplace, then customized its image and deployed other VM based on this generalized image by using Azure CLI 2.0, here is a quick follow up with a complement option, which is deploying a VM from from that same image but now from the portal.

This portal option is easier than the process described in my previous article, please just follow these steps in order to perform this deployment:

  1. From the Azure Portal (, click on “More Services”


  2. Type images in the search textbox and click “Images” result


  3. If you followed the steps I outlined in the mentioned blog post, you will have at least one image listed at the Images blade, click on the image name


  4. Click on “+ Create VM”


Follow the regular steps to complete the VM deployment similar to the steps you take with a regular Azure Marketplace image.


That’s it for this quick and simple post, I just think that this is a really cool feature that I had to blog about it Smile.