Real Time Risk Management at Sibos with Cloud Trading Technologies

With only a few days to go to Sibos Toronto, today I would like to introduce you to another of Microsoft’s Sibos stand partners. Cloud Trading Technologies is an incredibly innovative financial services partner with a focus on Electronic Trading and Risk Management.  To provide some more insight to latest developments and their Sibos presence, I thought I’d invite Howard Tolman, Managing Director to share some thoughts.

Howard, thank you for taking some time to discuss innovation in Electronic Trading and Risk Management. What are some of the trends you see with your particular solution area focus?
Thanks for the opportunity, Colin. Over the last 25 years or so trading has increasingly been delivered electronically, extending the dealing room right out to the client desktop.  Running alongside this has been the increased regulation and the need for banks to be instantly aware of their clients exposure.  Credit and portfolio management issues will become more prominent and will in future be addressed across all asset classes.  Real-time risk management will become mandatory rather than optional and the applications managing them will become more sophisticated and better designed.

I completely agree. As latency is reduced, risk management must stay ahead. How does your solution address these challenges?
Cloud FX delivers a proven and cost effective solution that enables financial institutions to extend trading outside of the dealing room. By use of the Cloud FX Risk module, Prime Brokerage, margin and risk management are handled in real time, ensuring both the client and Financial Institution are instantly aware of their current position and controls stop them exceeding them.  We work very closely with partners in the connectivity space for post trade STP which will support the industry's growing focus on regulation, CCP clearing, risk mitigation and cross-asset reporting. This is a field which requires significant intellectual input and we are well placed with a design team with an eclectic mix of academic skills. 

Have you exhibited at Sibos before?
This is the first time that Cloud Trading Technologies will have exhibited at SIBOS and we thank Microsoft for inviting us to be on your Stand.  I personally have attended many SIBOS's in the past and we look forward to catching up with business colleagues old and new.

What are your primary messages for the Sibos audience - and what technologies are being leveraged?
The cost of delivery is becoming as important as the product itself.  Use of The Cloud enables the distribution and operation of sophisticated solutions in a far more cost effective and scalable
manner.  If you would like to find out a bit more about the Cloud FX Suite of products then come along and visit us on the Microsoft Stand.

Other than visiting the Microsoft stand (C125), how can people who may not be at Sibos contact you to find out more about your solutions?
There is information available on our website or I can be contacted on +44 (0)20 3206 1464 or by email

Howard, many thanks for your time today, and i look forward to seeing you in Toronto!