Wish you could wear flip-flops to work?

Working at Microsoft is an experience like not many others. Since graduating from what many consider to be the greatest university on the planet, I've worked at few very different types of companies. My first stint was working for the United States Senate.


My second place of employment was at a small consulting company in good ol' Richmond, VA. They are a Microsoft Gold Partner and provided invaluable training and experience which prepared me for success here at Microsoft.

Now I work here in Office developer support. Now, I wear pretty much whatever I want to work. Flip-flops, cargo pants and a t-shirt are a common wardrobe selection of mine. I get here, help Premier and professional customers with their messaging development issues; work with the product team and file bugs against Outlook and Exchange APIs; and develop samples of our technologies. For lunch, I eat pizza provided in our cafeteria downstairs from a popular local pizza shop, and then play some Halo3 on our XBOX360 kiosk or on our flat panel TV in our game room. At about 1:30PM or so, an email will be sent out that today is "December Birthdays/Anniversaries Day" and that there will be free cake and ice cream near the kitchenette in front of our Starbucks I-Cup. At about 2:00PM, a meeting request will come out for a "business update" held in our conference room for the next day that will be catered by Maggiano's or some other fancy food place. At 4:00PM, my manager will walk around and hand out a gift certificate or a new 8GB Zune 2 or an Office logo fleece blanket (or all 3) as a "thank you for all your hard work." Next week is our team "morale" event where we'll go rafting at the Whitewater center, or go play golf, or go to a bar and play pool, or to a nice restaurant or something. Our company holiday party this past weekend was held at a fancy hotel uptown where they had raffles, video games, dinner, dancing, music, and...beverages (eh hem) - free. This honestly all happened this week.

And they call this work?

So, how was your week at work?

Wanna live in Charlotte, NC, Fargo, ND, or Las Colinas, TX?


Oh, did I mention benefits like free healthcare, gym membership, 401K, ESPP, discounted software, etc?

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