Cool Extension: Custom Start Page Template

For those that have seen Visual Studio 2010, there is a fancy new start page that is much more functional and integrated with the product. Part of this new Start Page infrastructure is the ability to replace the one from the product with a custom page. And, this extension gives you the tools to start creating and sharing your own custom Start Pages. 

I was just trying out the Custom Start Page template that Greg from our team posted up on the Visual Studio Gallery. So far, so good... I was able to create a new start page that looks similar to the one in Visual Studio but added a small bit of functionality (an additional tab). The template is fairly self-explanatory and has a good F5 experience for building and debugging the custom Start Page in an experimental instance of VS. Also, the project builds into a VSIX file that can be uploaded to the VS Gallery to easily share with others.

I'll post my start page changes when I get it wrapped up a little more.