Online Templates for the New Project Dialog

ScottGu recently posted about the new online templates feature of the Visual Studio 2010 Beta1. The discussions on his blog have been pretty lively, and mostly folks seem to like this new feature.

The Online tab of the New Project Dialog is built on the same infrastructure as the Extension Manager. It uses the same UI and installation technology (VSIX packages) as other extensions. They're hosted on the VS Gallery as well (under the Templates category). And, they're queryable on the Gallery through their web service. All of the earlier posts I made about how to create template extensions give step-by-step directions on how to create templates of your own.

I'm glad to see folks are starting to see the value in these new online features. And, I hope that for Beta 2 we will see a larger influx of customer uploaded templates, and that these ASP.NET starter kits will also be on the gallery, so our customers can use them seemlessly.