The Customer’s Prospective

Customer satisfaction is always a tough commitment given by a Service Provider to its clients but then it’s a must for a business to run. The behavior of a Customer is always unpredictable and it’s the responsibility of the Service Provider to be prepared for all possibilities. The situation is even more delicate when you are service provider for a Web based application. There is always a little enigma and distrust in the mind of the customer about Web applications. Currently we are in a transition phase from manual computing to web based computing and it’s will consume certain time to build trust and faith among customers in robustness of web applications. Even a little erratic behavior of your web application can drive away the customer causing a heavy damage to your business.

Money decides the direction of business and it appears that money is in “Web Applications”. The software firms are flocking up new innovative web applications to attract new customers however it’s all in the hands of customers to decide the fate of the Business. The big question before software firms is “what does the customer expect from us other the web application itself?” You might be having an exceptional web application in the market but then there are certain other norms to be satisfied by that application to catch the eye of the customer. The customer who is accessing your web application doesn’t understand the difficulty you faced in coding and making that particular application work, all that customer wants is whether it satisfies his/her needs. There are few things about the application that customer will be able to judge very quickly while looking at your application. These include look, ease of usage and Performance. Look and Ease of Usage are purely based upon the design of the application. Now-a-days you find websites using different graphic techniques to make the website look attractive and elegant. The ease of usage is again very important for most of the application. Remember, not all the people in the world are enthusiastic about computers and as a service provider you cannot afford to lose even such people. It is of high importance to design a website which is easier to use.

Having gone through the look and ease of usage of the application, the next feature that customer would like to verify while accessing your application is its performance. The first feedback that customer gets about your application is its page load time. No customer would like to wait for a long duration for the page to load. Especially, in applications where you are selling or marketing a product, the page load time of the application is of high importance. The general statistical observation is that the customer spends up to 5 seconds for the page to load. If your application has pages that take more than 5 seconds to load then there is a potential chance that you might lose your customer. General tendency of the customer is to close the application and do other useful work rather than waiting for a page to load! And that’s what you and me will do while accessing any website on NET.