Web Application Performance


I am Mohd Abubakr, Performance Engineer at ACE Team, Microsoft. My basic intension of starting this new blog space on Web Application Performance is to educate developers and software community about the importance of Performance in Web Applications. Though the software community does realize the impact of performance in their web based business, it is seldom we see that an active Performance oriented start-to-end approach is adopted in Product life-cycles. I would be dealing in detail about the various performance related issues faced by an end user while accessing a web application, how these issues can be detected before going in production and most importantly how these can be resolved.

My posts would be more intended towards the beginners and I would be adopting a very simple approach in explaining the various problems and solutions. Let me confess, I do not have high amount of technical knowledge in Web Performance and I am still a learner in this Performance field. I would also be sharing some of my learning experiences, the issues I faced while doing performance analysis and more importantly the various things I have learnt from other experts in Performance field.

One of the free resources available on WWW regarding Web Application Performance is http://www.codeplex.com/PerfTesting. If you intend to do performance testing on ASP.NET Web applications sometime in future then do read the free e-book called “Performance Testing Guidance for Web Application”, published by Patterns & Practices, Microsoft. You can download the PDF file of the book from http://www.codeplex.com/PerfTestingGuide.

In my next post I would be dealing with generic client problems faced while accessing a web application and how it impacts your business.