Analytic Report Samples Published to MSDN Samples Gallery

Two samples that work with PerformancePoint analytic reports are now available on MSDN.

· PerformancePoin​t Services 2010: Change Analytic Report Data Source Sample lets users change the data source that an analytic report points to.

· PerformancePoint Services 2010: Save Analytic Report Sample lets users save a copy of a navigated analytic report.

Both are packaged as SharePoint features in Visual Studio 2010 solutions.

Note: The samples were developed and tested on single-server farms. They work out-of-the-box in these simple test configurations, but they are not guaranteed to work with all configurations. If they do not work in your environment, you can modify the code (probably in the .aspx.cs file) in Visual Studio and then redeploy the feature.

Previously published PerformancePoint samples were moved to the Code Gallery archive site. (