Introduction to Time Intelligence

Welcome to the world of Time Intelligence for Microsoft Performance Point Services! Dynamically analyzing your data with respect to time has never been easier. From dissecting historic performance, to calculating Year over Year metrics, to analyzing Year to Date performance, Time intelligence puts time dependent data analysis at your fingertips.

Flexible Formulas

Specify almost any time period desired with a rich syntax and flexible formula language. Powerful “To Date” functions enable users to observe performance thus far. With these, creating seasonal adjusted metrics such as year over year (YoY) year to date sales have never been easier.

Compelling Analysis

Use time intelligence to study historic performance and detect persistent problem areas. Analyze historic snapshots to understand the effects of events and decisions.

Potent Filters

Link together your dashboard with potent Time Intelligence filters to dynamically change, explore, and analyze your data with respect to time. Drive change through trends discovered in time adjusted scorecards and analytic charts.


Stay Tuned over the next few weeks as we dive deeper into Flexible Formulas, Compelling Analysis and Potent Filters in detailed blogs on each topic.