Using Bulk Edit in M&A

Bulk edit is a feature that allows you to change the properties for multiple objects at a time. Bulk edit can only be performed on items in a workspace. If you need to make changes to items on the server, you will need to download items into a workspace, make the changes and then re-publish the items to the server. Bulk edit is available for any of the first class objects in the Dashboard Designer, Dashboards, Scorecards, KPIs, Report Views, Data Sources and Indicators. Outlined below are some screenshots and steps for bulk editing KPIs in your workspace.

1. Select KPIs from the Workspace Browser pane.

2. Select the Workspace tab from the Workspace area.

3. Select the KPIs you wish to bulk edit by either a click and drag, shift click or a ctrl click.

4. Select the Home tab and click on Bulk Edit.

5. The first screen allows you to change Owner, Description or Display Folder for all selected KPIs.


6. Click Next.

7. The second screen allows you to change display formats, calculations, add new targets, or target names.


8. By selecting a single Actual or Target line, you can also edit the threshold settings.


9. Click Finish to save your changes when done editing. Make sure and publish your changes back to the server.

Note, at this time, it is not possible to edit the permissions on the objects.

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