AutoLayout by Examples - Part 3 - Dialog 1

Dialog 1: Resizable dialog containing auto-sized label and list


Project Name: SingleListGrowShrink.csproj. Download source.



  • Dialog width and height resizable
  • Multi-line text label which grows and shrinks in height


Screen Shots:




Designer Layout:


Document Outline:


Key Notes:

  • Notice how the label automatically decreases its height (from 3 down to 2 lines of text) when the dialog width is increased. The listview absorbs extra vertical space or gives away vertical space as the label height shortens and grows.
  • The OK and Cancel buttons are in their own TableLayoutPanel with two columns at 50% each. Both buttons are auto-sized and anchored left/right which forces the buttons to have the same width.
  • Making buttons and labels auto-sized (AutoSize is True) is essential for localization since non-Latin locales will have different text, font, and scaling.

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