Visual Studio Orcas March 2007 CTP - Folder Difference - Part 1

Through out April 2007, I'll be posting details about the new feature Folder Difference currently in the Visual Studio Orcas March 2007 CTP release (download). In addition to the name change from TreeDiff to Folder Difference :), I'll stay focused on the differences between this Orcas Folder Diffference and the older Visual Studio 2005 PowerTools TreeDiff. In this post, however, we'll get started with a couple of screenshots of the new Visual Studio Folder Difference.

Here are some hightlights of the differences between the two versions:

  • Does not block Visual Studio IDE while doing a folder comparison
  • Full support for file/folder filters and view output options
  • Easily refine compare parameters including filters, both source and target folders, server versions
  • Refined UI for improved usability and for tighter integration with Visual Studio
  • Full options support for command line
  • Higher performance (2X to 38X)
  • Extensibility support
  • Robust error handling
  • Localized

Enjoy. -Tan


Folder Difference in Visual Studio Comparing a Mapped Server/Local Folder


Folder Difference in Visual Studio Comparing Two Server Folders


Folder Difference Engine Working


Folder Difference Status Strip


Enhanced Compare Dialog for Folder Difference