New Exchange Architecture

Well the new version of Exchange is almost ready to be released and the first MEC in a decade is starting in a few days! So we can actually start talking about what is in the next version of Exchange for our on-premise customers and for our the next release of the Office 365 service. 

To kick things off this new video is a fairly high level overview of some of the core design changes in the product. This video is a little longer than usual but it’s got a huge amount of good information. Here are some of the things we are particularly excited about:

  • Dramatically simplified network story that eliminates the need for complex, expensive load balancers that can maintain session affinity;
  • Ability to deploy a flat worldwide namespace;
  • Reduction in the required roles and hardware configurations to deploy Exchange;
  • New approach to monitoring and automatic service restoration that makes sure on-premises customers benefit from all the work the Exchange team has been doing to make our own service highly reliable with very few alerts required to humans.

MEC is only a few days away, and I’ll be explaining more about why we build Exchange during my day 2 keynote. Do you have an Exchange question you want me to answer? Email or tweet your question using the #askperry and #MECisback tags!


And some bonus information …… One of the interesting things about this release is that it represents the culmination of a 3 release path we started down when we planned Exchange 2007 way back nearly a decade ago. If you are interested, here is a video that was filmed a while ago but was put on ice since we couldn’t talk about the new version of Exchange until we released the preview …..  

See you at MEC!