Special Edition Geek Out with Perry – TechEd North America 2011

During TechEd North America in Atlanta earlier this year, Ann Vu invited attendees to record the questions they wanted me to answer.  When she got back, she interrupted a meeting I was having in my office with Matt Gossage to get some answers to questions about long-term email preservation, database recovery, clustering concepts, site resiliency, and even got me talking about why I love Exchange. 

Turns out that it was highly fortuitous that it was Matt who was in the office at the time since many of the questions were about Exchange 2010 High Availability (HA).  So, we this turned into a great opportunity to get answers directly from one of the key individuals behind our HA investments.  Some people might think this was all too convenient perhaps even staged.  All I can say is that the world would be simpler with a little less cynicism. 

Thanks to Martin, Eamon, Mitch, Doug and Matt who took the time out to record questions. Keep posting those comments and asking me the questions you want answers to.

- Perry