Answers To Common Launch Event Questions - Back In Seattle

Wow, well, I'm back in Seattle and sitting at my desk here in Redmond today, and I'm stoked.  The fact that VS 2005 is in your hands now is fantastic.  I'm really excited to see and hear the feedback from everyone out there and how excited everyone is.  We've had over 82,000 downloads for Visual Web Developer Express so far, and that is utterly fantastic! 

I wanted to link back to one of my previous posts for answers to the most common questions that I got at the VS launch events in Toronto and Ottawa.  Check out for answers to such things as ASP Classic to ASP.NET Migration, Atlas and AJAX, WebParts in ASP.NET 2.0 and SharePoint.   

There are plenty of pictures available from the launch, and I dropped my film (yes, film) off at the lab this morning, so I should have it back late this week and I'll post a few of them then.  If you didn't see me, I was shooting with a Holga, a cheap plastic toy camera for some fun stuff.  We'll see how it turns out.