Day 4 and Pictures

There are a few from today, I didn't take that many. This morning was my earliest morning, and I was at the OCCC by 9am. ScottGu was doing a talk at 10:15, and by about 9:30, our Cabana really started to fill up. We had lots of people asking questions, and looking for info.

I had one person ask about why we removed GridLayout from the designer. They do some really neat stuff, converting old terminal applications over to ASP.NET, and he was afraid that this was going to break his stuff. I explained all the bugs we were having, and how you could easily still use a 'grid layout like' design surface if you really wanted one. He walked away happy, and quite excited about some of the new master page stuff, and theming!

Tonight is the Universal Party, so that should be fun. I'm gonna grab a nap before heading over there!