Hiring & Ship Stuff

I've got a good entry coming tomorrow, where I'm going to talk about the DHTML control and some changes coming in the Vista time frame. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we're pulling it from Vista, and I'll fill you in with complete details then. But in the mean time, I figured I'd post a few other things.

Our team is still looking for some well qualified people for our team. The PM and Dev team is fully staffed, but we've still got openings on our test team. We need people who have test experience, and some decent coding experience. We've had a bunch of great candidates, but unfortunately, they were either missing the test skills or the coding skills. Our interviews are pretty technical, we ask coding questions that include things like coding link lists, sorting routines and such. The job is super fun, and the interviews are harder than the job, but we like to make sure our team is really technical. In fact, I would venture to say our team is one of the more technical, and fun teams at Microsoft, but likely, I'm a bit biased.

The other thing I wanted to share with people is a photo of my "ship sh*t" shelf. At Microsoft we tend to get a lot of stuff after shipping products, or in between milestones we get all kinds of stuff. I figured I'd show a pic of the stuff we often get. Up there is my ship it, my copies of VS2002, .Net Framework 1.0, VS2003, VS2005, my university degree, my team photo, and all kinds of other things. When I offer people prizes for bug bounties, it's usually coming from that shelf.