I Hear The IE7 Train Coming In...

It's crazy, in the last 5 weeks, I've gone from being a tester in Visual Web Developer to a Product Manager on Internet Explorer, and IE is almost ready to ship!  If you don't read the Internet Explorer Blog, I'd very highly recommend it, there is a LOT of good information on there, but the most exciting one came out on Friday.  Internet Explorer 7 is COMING THIS MONTH.  The final date hasn't been locked down yet, but the test team is working very hard to make sure that it is ready. 

There's lots of really fascinating chatter out there, and I've picked up quite a few very important things over the last five weeks.  Creating a new version of Internet Explorer isn't as easy as some might think.  There seem to be two camps of web developers/designers.  There is the camp that wants regular and frequent IE releases; they want IE to become perfectly standards compilant as quickly as possible.  The other camp, wants less frequent IE releases, because every time we release with some kind of rendering engine fix, something on their site breaks.  How can we make both camps happy?  It's not an easy task! 

There was also an interesting post on SlashDot today about some guy who intentionally went and installed as many tool bars as he could in IE7.  There were a couple of items he called out as bugs, and they potentially are, I'm not quite sure, but he also called out a couple of cool things.  First off, to get all of those toolbars installed, he had to click yes several times for each toolbar, so they weren't getting installed behind his back which is awesome.  I think the coolest thing though, was when he decided he wanted to get ride of them, he just went to Internet Options -> Advanced, and then clicked Reset.  All but one of the toolbars went away.  With the exception of the Yahoo toolbar that for some reason didn't go away, that's exactly how it's supposed to work.

It's going to be an exciting month.  I'm off to San Fransisco then to Boston for Ajax Experience, so if you're there, drop by and find me.  I'll likely be at the Microsoft Booth at most of the time, or attending a few of the cool sessions.  And if you're at all interested in rowing, the weekend before the Ajax Experience starts is Head Of The Charles, which is one of the biggest rowing regattas in the US.  Lake Union Crew (the boathouse I row out of) will be there, and I'm planning on being there to cheer them on on Sunday!