IE Web Designer and Web Developer Web Casts & Chats

Before shipping IE7, we had regular “expert chats” where we provided you with an opportunity to ask questions and get more information about IE7 and its many features. Now that we’ve shipped, we’re going to start bringing back regular events for web developers and web designers. Every Thursday at 10am PST, we will be running either a web cast or web chat of some kind. The topics will range from CSS to RSS to HTML to AddOn Development, anything that you might find interesting. In fact, if you have any ideas, I encourage you to leave them as comments and we’ll try to arrange a webcast or chat around one[Kristen Kibble] of your suggestions. We’ll also make sure to vary the depth, for example, one week we may do an intro to a topic, and then a few weeks later, do a much deeper technical dive into that one area.

We’ve lined up speakers and sessions every Thursday through March 8th, and will schedule more in February once we’ve heard additional feedback from you.

Date Type Topic Speakers Registration Link
1/11/2007 Web Cast Internet Explorer 7: An Overview Chris Wilson register
1/18/2007 Expert Chat Web Design (CSS, HTML) Markus Mielke, Dave Massy, Chris Wilson register
1/25/2007 Web Cast Adding RSS to your webiste Walter VonKoch register
2/1/2007 Web Cast The Power of the IE add-ons Jeremy Epling register
2/8/2007 Web Cast Help with Updating Your Pages To IE7 Markus Mielke register
2/15/2007 Expert Chat Add-on Development Jeremy Epling, Eric Lawrence register
2/22/2007 Web Cast Creating Intranet Applications That Respect Protected Mode Marc Silbey register
3/1/2007 Web Cast Building add-ons for IE Eric Lawrence register
3/8/2007 Web Cast The IE Developer Toolbar Arron Eicholtz register

Thanks! And hope to see you at these sessions!