MashUp: Hu's At Bill's House, Spell Checker, Hiring, Bug Bounties, Provider Toolkits, Retail=True

It's been an interesting day here in Redmond.  I've been spending the day trying to get Virtual Server set up on one of my boxes and Vista set up on the other one.  One of the big reasons that I'm doing this is so that I can increase the number of environements that I have available to me at any given time, without increasing the heat generated by more computers (well, that and we don't have any more computers right now). 

DHTML Control is going away!
Why more environments you might ask, as part of Vista shipping, we're removing the DHTML Control.  It will still work if it's already installed, or you will be able to install it for applications that need it, but it won't ship as part of the operating system any more.  To do that, we need to verify that on a Vista installation, it's not there, on an upgrade it is still there, and a rather large, and ugly matrix that we need to run though.  If you install IE7 on WinXP, it'll still be there and work.  Look for more information about this in the near future.  But, if you have any applications that depend on the DHTML Control, you'll likely want to be aware of this!

Hu's At BillG's House
Today is also President Hu's visit to Washington state.  The president of China has been on campus for most of the day. I've not gone venturing over to try to see what's going on, but from reports from friends over on that part of campus, there are armoured personelle carriers, men with LARGE guns, and all sorts of other things going on.  I've heard more helicopters going on today than ever before on campus.  It's kind of fun, but at the same time, a little worrying.  He's headed over to BillG's place for dinner tonight, and the Seattle Times posted the menu, it looked really good.  I was quite jealous, though it did give me a few menu ideas.

Spell Checker for the HTML Editor?! Yep!
One of the somewhat frequent requests that I've seen people ask for is a spell checker for the HTML editor. Mikhail, one of our great dev's has managed to create one that hooks in to the spell checker in Office.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work in the Express version, but will hopefully save some of you (and me) some embarassment.