MashUp: Mix06, Origami, Hiring, Sapphire

I kind of feel like I'm ripping off /. on this, but I've got a lot of little things I want to post, and individually they don't all add up to a full post, so instead, I'm going to "mix" them into one post.


This time next week, Mix06 will be coming to an end, and we'll all be sad.  Okay, maybe sad isn't the right word, but we'll have made some interesting progress.  When I first heard about Mix I thought it sounded like a cool, and different conference.  This wasn't about Microsoft being "ra ra ra ra!!!!! go Microsoft!!!!", but more about making connections within the community and taking a more humble approach. 

Well, yesterday, we had our last pre-event staff meeting, and I'm super happy to see everything I hoped is coming to fruition!  There won't be much of the Microsoft conference formality that you normally have.  For example, no uniforms for staff!  Thats right, no poly/cotton blended shirts for me!  (If you've seen my wardrobe, you'd understand how much I HATE those).  There also going to have some Origami devices there!  That freakin' rocks! 


If you haven't already heard about Origami, but saw my original post, this sucker is going to rock!  I hope the price comes down a bit, and if it does, you can count on me getting one.  Most of the time when I'm at home, I don't need a full fledged computer.  Or when I got to meetings or am on an airplane or such.  Having something small and portable is fantastic.  Somethign to do email, surf the web and doa few little things like that would be great!  And Origami fits that perfectly.  Sure, I can't do web design on it, but I can get enough done that I'd be happy.  Hell, it'll run VWD just fine!  And think of the media implications!


Keep the resumes coming!  We've had some great people submit resumes, and I've seen not so good ones.  Remember, when submitting a resume, or dropping me a note, your resume is supposed to impress me (and everyone up my chain) so that we want to bring you in.  Your cover letter, or initial email should impress me too.  Horrid spelling, grammar, and such do little to impress me! 

If you want a developer position, remember, while we're a web team, we work on web tools, and those web tools are for the most part not written in managed code, so you need really strong C/C++ skills.  If you don't have them, but want the best of both worlds, SDE/T (my job) has some great opportunities.


FINA-FRICKEN-LY!  Orcas (the next product cycle after VS2005) started Monday last week, and we're just starting to see instances of Sapphire, which is our next designer surface!  There are still plenty of bugs, and stuff is not feature complete in it, but the fact I'm getting to play with it is great!  There are so many great things about Sapphire that will blow your socks off and make you very happy to have it!

The goal of Orcas and Sapphire is to not lose any features, but it looks like we've already lost one.  The ability of multi-select controls on the designer surface isn't supported any more for a host of reasons.  So far, it's the only feature we've lost, and I think it's a pretty big one to lose!  I'm sure though, when the CTP's start coming out (likely in early May), if people complain loudly enough, we'll get them back.  (And feel free to start complaining now) ;)

New Blog!

Mark Berryman, one of the guys on the run time team has started a blog here on MSDN!  He an SDE/T and owns Membership and Role Manager stuff, which is one of the features I find myself talking about when visiting with people.  So feel free to pepper him with all your questions!  You can find his blog at

Okay, I think thats good for now!