Mix06: Creating Mashups with Yahoo!

I remember the days when Yahoo was just a little search engine, when it was still beta and long before Search.MSN.com or Google.  But this morning, I atteneded a session titled "Building Web Applications Using Yahoo! Web Services".  I was very highly impressed.

Yahoo! is doing a lot of work to open up their API's so that you can do all kinds of searches, mapping applications, photo sharing, and all sorts of other awesome stuff.  Most of these things are available now, but they demoed a few more that are coming, and we're going to have so much stuff that we're going to be able to use in the near future!  I'm really excited to see where the web is going to go and where YOU are going to take it.

Thats the thing about the next generation internet, you, are going to be the one driving things.  I'll provide API's and such that you can consume, and then you can build a super cool application from all sorts of different sources.  Then, someone else can come along, plug in to your API's and improve it from there.  And thats exactly what I'm planning on doing with my new Flickr front end.  Or somehtinng with Flickr.  I need to spec it out first and see where it goes. 

One of my promises to you was that I'd post my community commitments and let you know how I'm doing on them.  One of those commitments was to find a topic to present on, and prepare that presentation, and finally, find a place to present it.  Well, I've got the topic picked, "Building Dynamic Websites Using Someone Elses API's".  Likely the title will change, but we'll see how it goes!