Mix06: Day 1

Well, we're about 1/2 way through day one here at Mix06 and all I can do is say WOW.


The keynotes this morning were pretty good, I'm not a big keynote fan, I'd much rather get my info seeing demos one-on-one or hearing about cool stuff in real environements, but today kicked butt.  Bill was Bill.  And everyone laughed when somebody in the audience yelled at the MySpace.com crew that they wanted some open API's.  And thats a great point, as we move towards the next generation web, we're going to need API's that are stable, and open, available to anyone and everyone. Not something that I have to sign some kind of developer "first born child" license for.  The MySpace guys have done some neat things with ASP.NET 2.0, and they've got some more cool stuff coming down the pipe.  As much as I dislike the bad UI on most MySpace pages, I mihgt have to check it out again soon

After Bill's keynote, the IE guys got up and did theirs, including about 20 minutes with ScottGu (my GM).  I know a bit about Atlas, and I can talk about it, but I've not done much work with it.  Well, Scott created a quick web application, and then "atlas-ized" it, and holy CRAP!  It was so freakin' easy and cool!  By simply adding a few additional controls to his page, and wrapping another control inside an atlas update panel, and BAM!  It was done, full fledge atlas app good to go!  It gave me some neat ideas on some stuff that I want to play with over the next few days/weeks.  I think I want to rewrite some of my on line web applications!!!! :)

The stuff that is going to come out of this conference is going to kick some serious ass!  And I'm excited about it!  There is a virtual Mix06 version available, so for those of you who couldn't get here, check it out.  Sure, you don't get the Las Vegas experience, you sure do get the stuff thats worth it!

If you're at Mix06, drop me a line!  I'd love to hear from you!