nGallery migration : Day 0

   I started the work to migrate nGallery to ASP.NET 2.0 today, and hit several small road blocks.  Nothing I couldn't handle though.  The business layer/back end migrated with zero problems.  The web front end though, it was a bit more of an issue.  For some reason it moved all the code behinds in the admin directory to the app_code directory.  I've filed a bug on that one. 

It also made some funky changes to the nGallery_Page class.  In nGallery, all pages inherited from the nGalleryPage.aspx page, which then inherited from the page class.  Well, after the migration, it created a stub class in App_Code which inherited from the page class, then the nGalleryPage.aspx inherited from that and each individual page inherited from the nGalleryPage.aspx class.  A bit of a long run around.  In any event, I moved the code from the aspx.cs file to the App_Code class, and got rid of the nGalleryPage.* and everything seems okay there.

Once I got the page to compile and run, I was not getting any graphics to come up.  When I clicked on a gallery, I got an ASP.NET error stating that the <httpHandler>'s section couldn't be specifed there.  So I had to move everything up to the web.config in the main application.  So, now my web.config looks something like:

  <httpHandlers>   <add verb="*" path="albums/*.aspx" validate="false" type="nGallery.Lib.AlbumRequestHandler, nGalleryLib"/>      <add verb="*" path="albums/*/*.aspx" validate="false" type="nGallery.Lib.AlbumRequestHandler, nGalleryLib"/>      <add verb="*" path="albums/*/*/*.aspx" validate="false" type="nGallery.Lib.AlbumRequestHandler, nGalleryLib"/>      <add verb="*" path="photos/*.aspx" validate="false" type="nGallery.Lib.PhotosRequestHandler, nGalleryLib" />      <add verb="*" path="photos/*/*.aspx" validate="false" type="nGallery.Lib.PhotosRequestHandler, nGalleryLib" />      <add verb="*" path="photos/*/*/*.aspx" validate="false" type="nGallery.Lib.PhotosRequestHandler, nGalleryLib" />  </httpHandlers>

Notice how the lines have the *, */* and */*/*, thats the only way I could get everything to work

My final problem for the day, is more of legal issue.  I really want to do daily drops of everythign that I change, but legal wants to look into it first, so I can't post anything up yet, which is a pain, but rest assured, I'm working on getting it so that we can get stuff out for you guys!