November is conference month…

Every November comes around and I’m always reminded how many conference seem to take place about now, it’s kind of crazy – in a good way.  I’m on to week three of travel, and haven’t seen my own bed in more nights than I care to count – but ah well!

Where I’ve Been

Last week was TechEd Europe in Berlin.  A great conference with lots of good materials!  Coincidentally it took place during the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, and the celebrations were pretty spectacular! 

While I was there, I recorded a couple of TechTalks with my good pal Matt, they’re worth checking out!

Windows Internet Explorer Web Slices and Accelerator Analytics
Do you have an Accelerator or Web Slice on your website? This talk will cover how you can put analytics on those pages so that you truly understand how people are using them, and how you can best monetize them.

A Quick Tour Through Windows Internet Explorer 8's Security Features
Do you know all of the security features Internet Explorer 8 offers to consumers, developers, and enterprises? We'll take a whirlwind tour of all of them and how you might use them to make sure you are safe and your privacy is protected on the internet.

There should be one more coming in the next couple of days.  I was feeling a bit goofy with the security one, so be sure to check it out :)

Where Am I Now?

This week is Web 2.0 Expo in NYC, so come say hi!  If you’re in the city I think you can get a free expo pass and check out a bunch of the sessions without having to shell out a dime!  Not a bad deal!  We’ll be at the IE booth Wednesday and Thursday.  My HTML5 session is on Thursday from 1:20 to 2:10pm. 

While I’m here, I’m also applying for a visa to visit Saudi Arabia!

Where Am I Off To Next?

I guess technically it’s home next, but my next work trip is to Saudi Arabia to go to the Gulf Developers Conference in Riyadh!  It’s going to be a super action packed couple of days with lots of great info.  I’ve seen an early list of the agenda and wow!  Think PDC but in Riyadh instead of LA.  I’m not so upset about missing PDC now :)

PS: Still working on the VPC issue.  I know it’s a problem and we’re still trying to find a good solution for this!