Open Source Web Designs

One of the things that I rarely have the time to do is to create really nice looking web templates.  Stuff that is just graphically pleasing, between work, school and having a social life, I just don't get time to do it.  But reading one of the many blogs that I read in the morning, I came across this site called Open Source Web Designs.  It's a great idea, and a fun way to share your artistic talents.

Each template has it's own EULA, so you'll have to have a look to determine if it will work for you (and your business if that's the case), but the idea of having a good looking CSS designed page it awesome. 

I would love to see someone do something similar to this, but instead of simple HTML and CSS, to use Master Pages, HTML and CSS so that you could plug it right in to ASP.NET and have it work. 

I think I'll probably be looking over the site in the next few days to see if one or two catches my eye, and roll it out on as that site is SORELY in need of some make overs. 

Oh, and Alison, on of my coworkers made cupcakes last night, and brought one in specially decorated for me! How cool is that! That's supposed to be me rowing a single shell!  Thanks Little!