Pre Define Your Event Tags

I'm on the airplane on my way back from the SV Web Builders Browser War event, and it was pretty cool.  It was great to meet Mike Shaver from Mozilla (and fellow Canadian), Hakom Lie from Opera and Douglas Crockford (aka Internet Genius) of Yahoo! fame.

As I was shooting photos (which will be on Flickr shortly after we get on the ground and I can get a net connection), and shooting video, it occured to me, how am I going to tag this stuff?  The event organizers didn't define and promote any tags for the event! 

One of the really successful things that the Web Directions North guys did was predefine the tags and tell people about them.  They were in the attendee book, and they were mentioned several times during the conference.  You can find all the photos from Web Directions North just by looking at a few of the tags.

So, if you're putting on any kind of event, user group meeting, conference, geek meet up, anything, I'd love it if you told me how to tag it so my photos are associated with the event, and I can easily find everyone elses.

And on that note, if you're on flickr, be sure to turn on public tagging!  It's a great feature, and lets the community tag and add all sorts of info to your photos.  I think every one of my WDN photos are tagged with the people in them now because of that!