ReMIX Sessions from Amsterdam

Sorry for being so quiet lately, things have been a little nutty, but in a good way.  We've been pretty heads down working on all kinds of fun stuff, the next version of IE, the next version of Expression Web and getting ready to launch Visual Studio 2008.  I'm really excited to see that one ship.  I worked on it for almost a year before I transitioned to this role, and I know almost all the folks on the team, and am amazed at what they've pulled off!

I just got an email from Mariet, who was the primary coordinator of the ReMIX sessions in Europe this spring.  All of the sessions in Amsterdam were video taped, and are now available online!  So if you didn't make it to MIX or ReMIX, you can see some of the sessions, myself included on the ReMIX website

PS: We should have the new VPC images up in the next day or two.  I'll be sure to post when they are up!