Tech Ed: Day 1 & 2

Wow, TechEd has been pretty great so far. I'm sitting here today in the Web Cabana waiting for a few things to pick up. Most people are at lunch right now, so things are pretty quiet.

It's been great to see all the excitement about VWD! Lots of people want to know the differences between the Pro and Express sku's, so we've been working hard to make that pretty clear. In case you're not sure, the Express SKU will ship for about $50, with an introductory discount of $50, making it basically free for an indefinate period of time. Express includes almost all of the stuff Pro does, but there are a few exceptions. It doesn't have the source control stuff built in, nor does it have some of the Localization stuff. Overall it'll be great for the home or hobbyist developer, but for the professional, maybe not so great.

I managed to make it out to the Visual Stusio (yes, spelled wrong intentionally) party last night at Jimmy Buffett's Margarittaville last night. Lots of fun, open bar (though slightly weak drinks), good food, a hot live band, and an all around fun time. Hey, there were even crab races. I got a picture of me and a crab that I'll be posting once I get back and get a chance to scan it.

I've brought my camera today and will make it a point to take some pictures and get some online either today or sometime tonight.

Well, I'm off to talk to some customers, see you all around! Drop by and say hi, I'm the one in the dark blue shirt ;)