TechEd & ReMIX

What a great couple of weeks, and it's not over yet!  In the last two weeks, I've been to Orlando, Budapest, and Amsterdam, and I'm headed off to Zurich on Sunday.  I've got some down time today and tomorrow before two more full days in Zurich.  I've learned a lot, seen some fantastic things, and met some really great people.

TechEd 2007 - Orlando

I started TechEd off in Orlando a little early as some of my friends were going to be down there for a few parties and other events that were going on so I figured I'd join them.  It was a great way to start the trip and great to see my friends, and meet some new folks.  Kind of crazy, and a lot of fun.

TechEd itself was pretty great.  We got to meet lots of cool folks, and the presentations that the IE team and I did were all well received.  I haven't seen the sessions go online yet, but as soon as they do, I'll make another posting to them.  I did do one session, and I'll post it in another blog entry.

As usual, I shot a whole wack of photos that you can find on my flickr account.

ReMIX - Budapest

On the last day of TechEd, I got on a plane headed for Budapest to do my first ReMIX event.  It started Monday at the Museum of Fine Art, one of the coolest venues I've ever seen.  We basically had two big halls filled with chairs, a podium, speakers, projection screens and peices of art that were out of this world.  I was presenting with two Greek urns (I think that's what they were) on either side of me.  Kudo's to Microsoft for getting such a great venue. 

The presentations went well in Budapest, though it was much different than any other audience I've ever spoken to before.  Because of the language difference (English for me, and Hungarian+English) for everyone else, we had to speak very slowly, and be sure to ennunciate everything.  I kind of felt like I was much more mellow than I usually am when I'm on stage.  People seemed interested though, and had some great questions after my session, so I'm guessing everything went well.

Again, they said they would be posting our presentations, and I'll link to them as soon as they're up.  If I don't see them in the next few days, I'll just upload them to my own server so everyone can get them.

Photos from Budapest are also uploaded to Flickr

ReMIX - Amsterdam

They mixed (pardon the pun) ReMIX Amsterdam with DevDays, and we had a great showing.  I did a couple of fun sessions, and there were lots of people there. I was a little worried about my first session, but it seemed to go pretty well, and there were lots of good questions, so I was happy. 

I haven't shot as many photos here, but I've shot quite a few, I'm planning on taking my film camera out tomorrow to see what I can get.   It should be pretty interesting, there is lots of stuff around here to photograph.

I think I got my most interesting question that I've received since this tour started in Amsterdam though.  The question was, "with Silverlight now out, does that mean HTML is dead at Microsoft?"  The resounding answer is no.  It's just another way of sharing stuff with your users, but I want to write a better post on it than that, so keep an eye out for it.

I'm off to Zurich on Sunday, then back to Seattle on Thursday, so I'll try to get back blogging as the week goes on!  And if you're at any of the sessions, come on up and say Hi!