The Power of the DIV & other BLOCK elements

The DIV tag is one of my most hated and most loved tags in HTML.  It allows you to do so much, but at the same time, can cause some headaches when things aren't lining up, or because of their block nature, finding each new div on a new line.

This morning, Danny came into my office to ask how to make the ANCHOR tag maintain it's size, so that you can click on it whether you're on the text or not.  For example, the following anchor:

The entire blue background is clickable

To do that, we set the width on the control, but that by itself wasn't enough, you also need to add "display: block".  So the above hyperlink looks like:


a href="" target="_blank" style="width: 450px; display: block;background-color: Blue; color: White;">The entire blue background is clickable</a>

One of the other cool things I like about DIV's and block elements, is their ability to "contain" their size and information, so you get scroll bars in your page.  While this isn't a great example here, I'm using it on my fine art photography website [yes, it looks AWEFUL in FireFox, I need to fix that].  For example, you could have something like this box below:

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<div style="border: solid 2px black; height: 100px; width: 300px; overflow: auto;">
put content in here...

I did that by using setting a defined height and width in the div, and setting the overflow on the div to auto.  Using auto gives only gives you scroll bars when needed, so if your control is dynamically filled, they won't show up until needed.  You could also do this with an ASP:Panel and get the same look and feel, but be easily able to dynamically update the content of the control:


asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" Height="100px" Width="300px" Style="border: solid 2px black;overflow: auto;">
put content here